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Vicasso example with MME data set

This video shows Vicassso software working with Automotive Crash MME data set

Gerbil Lens Controller Video

This video gives an overview of the GERBIL Lens Controller

Vicasso Software Auto Tracking

This video shows the auto-tracking function of Vicasso

Vicasso Custom Features

We had a pharmaceutical customer who needed to know the dissolve rate of a soluble tablet. We filmed with the NAC HotShot 1280CC camera, 500fps and then took the images into Vicasso for analysis. We can automatically calculate the surface area of the table and "dissolved" % over time.

ViViAn Belt Tracking

This video demonstrated the tracking function of out ViViAn software

Vicasso Dynamic Grid Overlay

This video demonstrated the Dynamic Grid Overlay Function of Vicasso

Vicasso AVI Overlay

This video demonstrated the Video Overlay Function of Vicasso